Hazel is an experienced and enthusiastic harp-player based in Somerset and Exmoor.


She is also an author.

Celtic, Classical, Traditional, Popular & Medieval Music
beautifully played on the Harp



Hazel has been playing for many years and has provided harp music for all sorts of events: the Ferrara Music Festival in Italy, a Shakespeare play at The Tobacco Factory Theatre in Bristol, poetry readings, Medieval banquets, flower festivals and story-telling evenings. Her favourite recent venues include Woolhanger Manor, Barrington Court and Dunster Castle. She has performed with the harp at plenty of weddings, including her own!




Hazel studied music as a postgraduate at Dartington College of Arts. She has toured with countless singing groups and played in a motley collection of bands. She loves to improvise on the harp and create her own arrangements of any music that takes her fancy. She very much enjoys singing and playing in Care Homes and seeing the difference it makes. She also teaches harp.


As well as performing as a soloist, Hazel currently sings with a cappella vocal quartet 'The Hummingbirds' and plays in Foxwillow Trio.


 'Your harp playing was a delight, contributing so much to the ambience, and so many people said how much they enjoyed it' 


Hazel used to spend a lot of time writing between her harp-playing commitments. Now she has to squeeze harp-playing in between her writing! She has written two novels, lots of short stories, a handful of children's stories and a sprinkling of poems. She's won 9 prizes in national writing competitions.


Her debut novel, ELLIE AND THE HARP-MAKER was published last year by Penguin Random House. It is a quirky love story inspired by music and the countryside. Her second novel, AWAY WITH THE PENGUINS will be out in March 2020. To find out more, please take a look at the 'Writing' page.