April 1, 2016


A good ear – so important for musicians. Also, I would say, important for writers. One of the top writing tips is this: Always read your work aloud. It helps with the rhythm and flow. And without this ‘hearing’ your story you can easily miss the fact that your sentences are stilted, repetitive or clogged up with too many adjectives. It’s amazing what you suddenly realise once the words are spoken out loud.

Despite annoying tinnitus, I am lucky to have a good ear, and I’m sure this helps with my writing, as with my music. But for the whole of March there’s been a big problem.  A problem with my left ear.

“I can’t hear with it,” I told my doctor.

“Aha!” she said, looking down it. “You’ll have to pour in olive oil for two weeks, then co...

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