July 1, 2016

Jane Austen recently gave me a reminder. Astute as ever, she nudged me into awareness of a certain fact: success is not only down to talent, work and persistence, but also that strange thing called serendipity, if we are open to it.

I will give you some examples from my own life, then come back to Jane. Here is my odd little sequence of serendipity.

Serendipity 1.

Two years ago I got chatting to the lady who sat next to me in choir. I mentioned writing. “Writing?” she said. “My husband’s into that. He takes a really good magazine about it. I’ll bring one in for you to look at.” I made polite noises of appreciation, little knowing…

She brought the magazine to the next choir practice. It was Writing Magazine Competition Special.

Hmmm, I t...

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