September 1, 2018

An odd realisation: I’ve become a pouncer. I never used to pounce. Au contraire, I used to hide. In fact I’d go so far as to say hiding was my forte. And hiding is still nice sometimes and necessary sometimes. But I supplement it with pouncings. What do I pounce upon? Opportunities.  Too many - way too many - have escaped in the past, so now if I see one trying to slip by I can’t help myself. Pounce!

Pouncing particularly occurs when it comes to writing and music. An example: I wasn’t intending to go to Swanwick this summer (Swanwick Writers’ Summer School, for those not in the know). After all, I’d been four times already and now I have my publishing contract so it’s not as if I NEEDED to go. But I sneakily WANTED to go b...

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