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About Time

Time is a big subject to choose for this month’s blog, especially as I don’t have much of it! But it seems appropriate as I'm currently recording a CD entitled ‘Time’ with Foxwillow Trio. One of the songs starts ‘Time never stands still,’ and that’s particularly true for me just now. Here are a few more brief thoughts about Time:

  • Time is irregular. Its pace varies. Writers can use this to their advantage for dramatic impact. Yet apparently the most common thing writers get wrong is pacing – too fast, too slow, or too fast in some places and too slow in others. Almost like life...

  • Everyday activities like sleeping, washing-up and feeding the cat use up vast quantities of time but there you are, it can’t be helped.

  • Staring into space also uses up vast quantities of time. I wish I didn't do it so much.

  • Deadlines make time go faster. Time is slithering towards the deadline for my novel edits. I love deadlines but whoaaaah how they scare me!

  • Timing is unbelievably important. If I hadn’t met Foxwillow just when my former musical partner was moving away… If I hadn’t gone to Swanwick in 2014 …. If I hadn’t sent off my novel manuscript when I did… There really is a ‘right time’. And it isn’t always now.

  • Attitude wins over time. It’s never (OK, hardly ever) too late. I’m soon to embark on teaching harp to a ninety-year old lady. Ninety! A wonderful example to us all.

  • As humans we are obsessed with following time schedules: Getting up, eating, working at the same hours each day. Routine can be helpful but isn't everything. Nature itself doesn’t stick to such a tight schedule and it manages just fine. Look! Christmas weather has finally arrived, and it’s March!

That's all I have time for I'm afraid!

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