~ Hazel Harps On

Not A Bean

The potatoes are coming on nicely, the rockets are rocketing, the tomatoes are in fine fettle but why oh why is there not a single bean?

So yes, I'm resorting to vegetable news. I could go on about COVID-19 but I think we've all had enough of that particular C-word. I could certainly say *** about politics but I'm not going to let that happen because I'm here for the music and books. And there's not much to report in either of those departments to be honest, but, for what it's worth:


I play the harp to myself every day. I'm practising my arrangements of Christmas carols if you must know, because I don't think I'll be performing again before November. I'm trying to record some but making very little headway as the mysterious ways of Cubase are still eluding me. Let's face it, I'm not cut out for anything technical (it's taken me until now to get to grips with Zoom). I'm daily making my harp arrangements more complicated and difficult to play because I keep having new ideas and can't resist them. By the time I've learned how to record a CD they'll be totally impossible!


Ah now. Fears, doubts, joys, disbelief. The penguins have now sold in four foreign languages and will shortly be heading for America. This is wonderful and I'm thrilled at how people have warmed to them. But is it actually possible not to like penguins? What surprises me more is that readers seem to like my very stubborn, very formal and not always pleasant heroine, Veronica McCreedy. On the down side, I keep seeing authors who have only just had their debut novels published and already have 200+ reviews on Amazon. Jealousy strikes. Anxiety strikes. How can they have found that many readers so quickly, let alone ones who leave reviews? Why haven't that many people bought my books? Again, I feel I must be missing a trick. I am doggedly pursuing draft 1 of book 3 in the hope that my writing career will continue.

And is it any good? Well, as I keep reminding myself, a first draft doesn't have to be good, it just has to be there. At least it is growing. Unlike the beans.

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