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A Complete Shambles

Is anyone else finding that time is being unfair? One minute you’re thinking: Ah, I’ve got weeks and weeks to get on with xyz. The next you realise that weeks and weeks have passed and you still haven’t even started xyz…

During lockdown I was determined to achieve, achieve and achieve some more. For example I should learn to play that ukulele I bought ages ago. I should learn to sing ‘properly’ (I do sing a lot, but ‘properly’? – hmmm, no). I should record that harp CD. Most of all, I should write book three.

So how’s it going?

UKULELE: I have picked up the uke a few times but can still only play three chords and it takes me a seriously long time moving from one chord to another. And it makes my fingers hurt.

RECORDING: I try to record but keep banging my head against walls. My recording gizmo often randomly refuses to work and I get messages I don’t understand popping up (‘Unmapped ports’? Eh? What are they? How am I supposed to map them again???).

SINGING: I've watched a few singing lessons on Youtube and tried to imitate but, judging by the reaction of Purrsy, I have a long way to go before I master vocal beauty and brilliance.

I haven't progressed nearly as much as I blithely expected I would in any of these areas. As for book three…

If you must know, I started on several novels and then gave up. The one I’ve stuck with is now at the ‘complete shambles’ stage. Scenes come to me in no particular order and I have a massive file entitled ‘Random bits to include somewhere’. And my characters! Although I created them, they have minds of their own; they keep wandering off instead of sticking to the plot I’d intended for them. All I can do is to follow them around and see where they take me…

Thankfully I can still go on my ‘thinking walks’ which always produce ideas, and so long as there are ideas I'm not going to panic.

(Nature is endlessly inspiring and I don’t know where I’d be without this resource)

Given time I will pull everything into shape. Complete shambles is OK. It’s my way of working. It is as valid as any other, so I will embrace it.

P.S. While I'm still horrified by the state of the world generally, I’m pleased to report 3 good things in my own life:

1. I’ve had my hair cut!

2. Careful outside socialising has begun. How wonderful to make music with friends again!

3. My second book was chosen for book club boxes in both Canada and the USA. Here are some of the unbelievably gorgeous gifts that came in the Once Upon A Book Club Box. How could I not smile?

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