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Random Anxious Clumsy Hopeful

I seem to remember there was a book that was written all in on sentence and it won a very prestigious prize and thats what im going to do here right now because my mind is staggering around in post christmas midwinter exhaustion random anxious clumsy patterns and im going light on punctuation too because in for a penny in for a pound

im allowed a new paragraph and i feel i should say something profound about 2020 but surely the less said about that nasty gnarly knotty old year the better any lesson that can be drawn from it has already been pointed out many times we are tired of it by now tired of trying to see the bright side and telling each other to hang in there not that im complaining mind you because life in this little corner of exmoor is actually ok thank you for asking wow im lucky oh so lucky

in spite of feeling down about the lack of music this christmas and the illness and grief on a global scale i do have to say how pleased i am that my book at least ended the year on a high i might just mention the fact it was a number one bestseller yes a bestseller corrr a number one bestseller in ebook on amazon although the cynical side of me says this is because its been very well publicised and is nothing to do with how good it is still readers are saying its helped them through all the isolation and worries and made them smile which makes me very proud it also provides something for me to hold on to when im drowning in my own dark sea of selfdoubt

i love readers

i really do

then there is my once upon a book club box which came all the way from america with a book of twelve stories and a gorgeous gift to go with each of the stories

the final story to be read on christmas day was written by me and youll see me here modelling the twelfth gift a book page blanket with the first page of alice in wonderland printed on it and im also modelling a lovely warm hat which was day 2s gift what fun

for very good reasons the book ive been working on all year has been put aside and ive started a completely different project which is a relief in some ways but a big pressure in others deadlines are already looming and i need to shake off my sluggishness in super-quick time and try and sort out a new plot arrrrrgh

but before too long there will be snowdrops and sunshine and spring and longer days and hugs and a vaccination so in spite of all the random anxious clumsy mess of my mind i am also extremely hopeful

this has been an experiment and strangely liberating but i promise i wont do it again at least not for another year and i certainly wont write a novel this way thank you for bearing with me you are amazing

stay safe

i wish you a very very happy new year

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